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Lyons Kitchen

Simple Elegance

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The Demo has already begun!
The Demo has already begun!


In this Image, to the left you can see the stairs going up on the other side of the wall. Also pictured is the existing Island.
In this Image, to the left you can see the stairs going up on the other side of the wall. Also pictured is the existing Island.


This view looks to wards the Northwest corner of the Kitchen.
This view looks towards the Northwest corner of the Kitchen.


Here we are viewing the Northeast corner of the Kitchen and the doorway into the Formal Living Room.
Here we are viewing the Northeast corner of the Kitchen and the doorway into the Formal Living Room.


barnett kitchen 015
The existing Kitchen had a drop ceiling in it and many of the Mechanicals hung below the Floor Joists of the Second Story. They also protruded from the wall in which a Chase-way was used to cover them up.


barnett kitchen 016
In this image, the Mechanicals were tucked up to the old ceiling as close as possible to facilitate the lowering of the ceiling to it’s highest point possible. They were also tucked into the wall so they could be hidden without the aid of a Chase-way.


barnett kitchen 017
Another view of the revised Mechanicals.


barnett kitchen 018
This view looks out the East Window. After all the insulation was stripped away, seeing the dangerous situation of having no header above the window was revealed. In the foreground you can see the bracing that was used to support the Second Story so we could rework the outer wall into a safe, construction accepted norm.


barnett kitchen 019
Here we have the same situation as the Eastern facing window. The West window has no structural header over the window. One could see from the bowing of the framing that was there that a dangerous situation was concealed within.


barnett kitchen 020
Here we have the Eastern Window properly constructed. The Western Window was retro fitted much the same to bring it into general construction standards.


barnett kitchen 023
In this image was have the removal of the existing Maple Flooring. Along with the old Cabinetry and the planked Sub-Floor, the Hardwood Flooring was given away to people in need so that it could be re-purposed.


barnett kitchen 024
Another view of the above image.


barnett kitchen 026
Here we can see the installation of the 3/4 inch Sub-Floor after the Old Tongue and Groove Planking was removed.


barnett kitchen 027
The Floor Joists had sagged considerably due to their age and the span that they were asked to carry. If you look closely, you can see the “Slivers” that were fabricated to rest upon the existing Joists which enabled bringing the Floor to a level surface.


barnett kitchen 025
Here you can see the Micro-Lam beam that was installed to stabilize the span of the existing Floor Joists. The span is in excess of 20′. With the addition of Stone Counter-tops, this aspect was an absolute must!


barnett kitchen 032
From the Basement, you can see the Micro-Lam and it’s Lolly column supports to support the structure. The Micro-Lam consists of three Beams nailed together. It’s length is in excess of 14′.


barnett kitchen 028
Now that all Structural and Mechanical improvements have been made, it’s time for the drywall to be installed and finished so that it is ready for some Paint.


barnett kitchen 029
The ceiling has been lowered to the highest point possible and the walls were plumbed. You may notice that there are dark blue sections at the midway point of the Drywall. This is a Gypsum Tile Backing Product that will give superior adhesion for the Back Splash that is to come.


barnett kitchen 030
This view is looking at the Southeast Corner of the Kitchen The sheet hanging in the doorway is used to minimize dust from the renovation accumulating throughout the house. While there is no complete way to contain every particle of dust, due to several factors, every attempt is made to stop it’s infiltration.


barnett kitchen 031
Northeast viewing. Another view of the Drywall Phase of the Job. We are almost ready for sanding and Paint!


barnett kitchen 033
The Walls have been Painted with their first coats of Paint and the Tile Backer has been laid. The Installation of the Flooring Tile has begun.


barnett kitchen 034
The process of Grouting the Tile and it’s cleanup is illustrated in this image.


barnett kitchen 035
We have a couple things to address in this image. Just beyond the vacuum cleaner, you will notice the Mechanicals protruding from the wall before disappearing below the Floor. Due to the fact that a Main Support Beam to the Structure of the House resides directly under this wall, we really had no other option. To remedy this condition, we will simply install a Shallow Cabinet to conceal them. Above where the Upper Cabinetry will be Installed you can see Electrical Outlets and a Low Voltage Outlet. The Electrical Outlets are for the Above Cabinet LED Lighting that will be installed and any thing that may possibly need to be powered from above. There is also Under Cabinet LED Lighting for that warm glow. The Low Voltage Outlet is for The mp3 Player that will supply Speakers from above.


barnett kitchen 036
Another view of the Tile work in progress. Looking Northward with a view of the HVAC Flooring Vent under the Eastern Window.


barnett kitchen 037
The Cabinetry has begun to be Installed! In the image you can see the Shallow Cabinet spoken of previously that is concealing the Mechanicals. In the corner is a Lazy Susan with the opening between that and the Sink Base reserved for the Dishwasher.


barnett kitchen 038
The Upper Cabinetry is almost completed! Here you can see the Sink Base and Lazy Susan with the Stove Opening adjacent to the left. Above the Stove opening is where the Microwave Oven will be Installed. To the Far left is where the Refrigerator will stand.


barnett kitchen 039
A Tidy Work Place is a Safe Work Place!


barnett kitchen 059
All the Cabinets are Installed and waiting for The Granite Counter-top. The Trim Work for the Western Window has been fabricated, and Installed.


barnett kitchen 060
The Lighting for this Kitchen Project consists of 8 Recessed Lighting Fixtures, and Three Surface Mount Fixtures. The Recessed Lighting comprises the perimeter while the Surface Mounted Fixtures reside over the Kitchen Sink, the Island and just in front of the Eastern Window where the Kitchen Table will be.


barnett kitchen 061
The Trim Work for the Eastern Window has been fabricated and Installed along with the Baseboard Trim Work. Also, on the Island are Steel Supports that will lend to the 12″ over hang that the Granite Counter-top will have.


barnett kitchen 063
The Granite has been Installed and the Tile Back Splash work has commenced! You will also notice that the Microwave Oven is installed as well. Hey! where is the Dishwasher? It is conveniently hidden with a Cabinet Door Face. You can tell it is there because there is no base to that portion of the Cabinetry.


barnett kitchen 062
The Tile Work is progressing smoothly. A nice Glass Tile Accent Strip accentuates everything very nicely!


barnett kitchen 064
Here is a close up of the Tile as it is setting. The Granite Counter-tops are protected with a heavy mil paper. Also in this image you will notice a Low-Voltage Wire that extends out of the wall and is tucked inside the cabinet door to get it out of the way of the Tiling work being done. The Low-Voltage Wire will provide the power necessary to illuminate the Under Cabinetry LED Lighting. The Wiring and LED Lights themselves will be neatly tucked up just along the Trim on the front of the cabinetry so they will be as out of sight as possible.


barnett kitchen 065
Going around the corner with the Tile, it’s almost done!


barnett kitchen 068
All Appliances have been Installed! All that remains is for final final clean-up to be done and to make sure every little thing has been addressed!


barnett kitchen 069
Everything looks Perfect!


barnett kitchen 067
The Island conveniently provides a place to get that meal together, sit and eat, to read or just to have some Family and Friends over to enjoy some fine conversation.


barnett kitchen 066
Working on this Job was truly a Pleasure!


barnett kitchen 066
What a Beautiful Kitchen!


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