South Bristol

The Anatomy of a Basement Buildout

                            Rotational right to left viewing of Project.                                                                     Click image  for a larger image in a new window.


S.Bristol.Basement.Remodel 004
Just getting started


S.Bristol.Basement.Remodel 006
Looking into where the hallway will be. Workshop to the right at the end of the hall. Closet under the stairs.


S.Bristol.Basement.Remodel 003
This area will become the Living Room


S.Bristol.Basement.Remodel 001
2″ XPS with a R-10 value beginning to be installed around perimeter of project area. Looking into the future Foyer.


S.Bristol.Basement.Remodel 005
Looking from the Foyer. Play Area and subsequently the Mechanical Closet with the Sewing Room on the right. To the left we have the Furnace Area which will be encased within the Work Shop but accessible with a separate set of doors.


S.Bristol.Basement.Remodel 007
Future Sewing Room


S.Bristol.Basement.Remodel 008
Looking out of the Sewing Room towards the Mechanical Closet, Play Area Foyer, Living Room.

 The Project is beginning to take Shape!

There are both Pro’s and Con’s to using Steel Framing and/or Wood Framing. For this Project, we decided upon Wood Framing. The Wood Framing is mounted to a Pressure Treated Sill Plate with a membrane between the PT’d Plate and the Concrete Floor.

S.Bristol.Basement.Remodel 010
Looking down the hallway to the Work Shop.


S.Bristol.Basement.Remodel 013
From the Foyer into the Living Room and Stairway.


S.Bristol.Basement.Remodel 014
Viewing the Closet adjacent to the Stairway. You may notice that, for added comfort, we added an additional layer of Fiberglass Insulation over the XPS Insulation around the entire Exterior of the Project Area.


S.Bristol.Basement.Remodel 015
Looking towards the Foyer and Coat Closet.


S.Bristol.Basement.Remodel 012
From the Work Shop Hallway towards the Living Room. Just past the immediate Doorway will be the Closet under the Stairs.


S.Bristol.Basement.Remodel 016
This view is from the Living Room into the Play Area.


S.Bristol.Basement.Remodel 011
Looking out of the Sewing Room into the Mechanical Closet.


S.Bristol.Basement.Remodel 009
Now that all Framing and Mechanicals are installed, the Drywall is ready to go up!

Drywall is all installed and Painted!


S.Bristol.Basement.Remodel 021
Living Room looking towards Stairs.


S.Bristol.Basement.Remodel 017
This is the Closet adjacent to Stairway. We used a DriCore sub-floor throughout to give additional comfort under foot. On the floor rolled up is the Linoleum that will go down in the Work Shop Hallway and Sewing Room.


The Foyer with the Ceramic Floor Tile waiting to be Grouted.
The Foyer with the Ceramic Floor Tile waiting to be Grouted.


S.Bristol.Basement.Remodel 019
Here we have a view of the Drop Ceiling with the perimeter Tiles installed. You can see some of the Mechanicals that will be hidden but still accessible. Several Recessed Lighting Fixtures throughout.


S.Bristol.Basement.Remodel 020
A Look into the Foyer Coat Closet and the adjacent Play Area.


S.Bristol.Basement.Remodel 024
This one looks from the Play Area into the Work Shop Hall which also leads to the Sewing Room. All throughout this back portion where the Linoleum will go, 1/4″ Plywood has been installed over the DRIcore Sub-floor.


S.Bristol.Basement.Remodel 025
Viewing the Work Shop Hallway. You may notice that none of the Doors are installed yet, that aspect comes next!


S.Bristol.Basement.Remodel 026
Looking into the Sewing Room. To the right is the Mechanical Closet.


S.Bristol.Basement.Remodel 027
The View from the Sewing Room into the Hallway.


S.Bristol.Basement.Remodel 022
8″ Tongue and Groove planking was installed in the Stairway area to match the existing above, prior to the remodel, which you will see in the next image.


S.Bristol.Basement.Remodel 023
8″ Tongue and Groove Planking Installed.


S.Bristol.Basement.Remodel 028
Planking Stained and Polyurethaned.


S.Bristol.Basement.Remodel 029
Planks all Stained with Risers installed on Stairs.


S.Bristol.Basement.Remodel 033
From the Play Area towards the Work Shop Hallway. Doors are Installed, Carpeting comes next! Almost Done!!


S.Bristol.Basement.Remodel 032
Stairway Closet. Linoleum will go on the Flooring in here.


S.Bristol.Basement.Remodel 034
Sewing Room in the background.


S.Bristol.Basement.Remodel 035
A Finished Work Shop Hallway!


S.Bristol.Basement.Remodel 036
Looking the other way in the Work Shop Hallway, towards the Sewing Room with a view of the Mechanical Room.


S.Bristol.Basement.Remodel 037
Sewing Room. All Finished as soon as someone remembers to take the remaining debris from there!


S.Bristol.Basement.Remodel 038
Again, a Finished Sewing Room, sans the debris.


S.Bristol.Basement.Remodel 039
A Beautiful Door with all Trim Work Installed and Painted!


S.Bristol.Basement.Remodel 040
Looking out of the Sewing Room.


S.Bristol.Basement.Remodel 031
A Finished Living Room with Carpeting for that Nice Warm Feeling!


S.Bristol.Basement.Remodel 030
Just making sure all the Little Things are addressed before we call the job completed


Let's take a look at what we have!
Let’s take a look at what we have!


Furnishings are in place.
Furnishings are in place.


2013-11-28 13.00.34
What a Beautiful Basement!!


The Work Shop Hallway.
The Work Shop Hallway.


The Sewing Room.
The Sewing Room.



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